The Story of a Storyteller – Hans Loord

Hans Loord

The founder of Loord Design is Hans Loord

Hans Loord has knowledge and experience within several fields.
All knowledge can be summed up under the headlines of communication and creativity which is the core areas of Hans Loord  Read more to see details.

Communication and Writing
Hans Loord has training in journalism  at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMK) at Stockholm University in Stockholm. After that Hans Loord has many years of journalistic experience.

Social Media and Web
Hans Loord has training in cad, web design and graphic design and has since then deep  experience from websites, cad and social media issues.

Architecture and Design
Hans Loord has architectural training at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and has since then long experience from architecture and design.

Coaching and Mentorship
Hans Loord has receive a by International Coach Federation accredited coach training in Stockholm.
Hans Loord has after that experience from coaching for jobs, careers and life.

Pedagogy and Environment
Hans Loord has training in pedagogy and environmental management and has since then deep pedagogical experience and has worked with environmental issues.

Language and Text
Hans Loord has university training in Swedish, English and Rhetorics and has since then long experience from dealing with language and dealing with texts.
He has a Bachelor degree with an English Major.

Key2Insight has apart from relevant training of course experience from a number of fields. See details below for each field to see what Hans Loord can do for you or your company when it comes to communication strategy, social media, coaching or storytelling.

Communication and Storytelling
Hans Loord has long experience from writing and has written articles, columns and course materials Magazines like Lifestyle, disajn, Galore and ArchiMAG are only a few examples. Click to see what Hans Loord can do for you when it comes to Content Creation and Storytelling.

Social Media and Web
Hans Loord has deep experience in Social Media and has hands-on knowledge on blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, websites and similar things.

Architecture and Design
Hans Loord has great experience from architecture, design and has experience from consulting companies within the cad and architectural field.

​Coaching and Mentorship
Hans Loord has good experience in both mentorship and coaching. Mentor at the KTH-Alumni for several years and has earlier sport coaching experience. Since 2009 he has been coaching clients within job, career and life.

​Pedagogy and Environment
Hans Loord has long experience within the pedagogical field and also experience within the environmental field. Hans Loord has trained, held lectures and workshops.

Language and Speech
Hans Loord has deep language and speaking experience. The company has for several years done websites, writing and translations.