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Storytelling is Essential!

Storytelling more important than ever

Storytelling is important no matter where we are. Sometimes it telling about reality is more important than reality itself. And we all need storytelling to get anywhere. When we apply for a job, when we should speak at a wedding or just about everywhere in business or at our workplace. Storytelling is included in marketing, commercials, information leaflets and websites. Storytelling is also getting more important the more we move in our expanding digital world where the communication possibilities and Social Media are getting stronger.

Without Storytelling We are in Trouble

You know it and Loord Design knows it. We also know a little more about HOW we can create it.
We also know about WHEN and WHERE. We know what storytelling possibilities there are and what means we can use. Both through Text and Images. Perhaps even more.

What’s Your Story?

Now to the most important issue – what do you use Storytelling for? What’s Your Story – the Story You need to tell in the best possible way? And where do You want it to exist?
Loord Design will help You!

Loord Design – Experience and Knowledge on Storytelling

Undoubtedly You need someone with both Storytelling knowledge and experience to guarantee a good result  Someone like Loord Design. Journalistic and Storytelling training, Storytelling for the Web and Storytelling in general. In addition long journalistic experience, blogging and microblogging experience. We know about Facebook, LinkedIn Image Telling. you can feel secure with Loord Design.

Storytelling is Fun!

Surely it is important with Storytelling, but it is also great fun to make that Story come to life. And it is also fun to get that wonderful feedback as a confirmation on a successful story.
We will create that feeling together!